Our Caring & Compassionate Veterinary Team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Barton Veterinary Hospital & Surgery in Canterbury! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at 01227 765522 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


  • Christopher J.L Little


    Chris Little taught cardiology and respiratory medicine at the University of Glasgow from…
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    Dan Shaw


  • Helen Groves-De Milleret


    Helen qualified from Edinburgh and started her career at the Barton Veterinary Hospital.…
  • Jean-Benoit Lefebvre


    Jean-Benoit is our visiting specialist surgeon for complex cases. He graduated in 2002 and…
  • Julien Poublon


    Julien graduated from the university of Liege in Belgium in 2001 and worked in Kent ever…
  • Karen Casswell

    BVSc Cert V Ophthal MRCVS

    Karen visits the Barton Veterinary Hospital one day a week to offer both Ophthalmology and…
  • Rob Thomas

    BVSc, Cert.SAC, MRCVS

    Rob has been actively involved in small animal internal medicine and cardiology referral…
  • Vanessa Nicola

    DVM, Cert V.Ophthal, MRCVS

    Vanessa joined the Barton Veterinary Hospital soon after graduating from Liege in Belgium…


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    Abigail Hewett

    Abby was also a student with us and officially joined the team in March 2014. She has a…
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    Antoinette Baddiley

    Antoinette started nursing in 2003 and qualified in 2008. She joined us in February 2012…
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    Ashleigh Parker

    Ashleigh came to the Barton for a work placement in 2009 and officially joined us in July…
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    Ellie Hutchinson

    Ellie has just joined us in March as a student and will be starting college in September.…
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    Lucy Smith

    We are welcoming Lucy in the team in June 2015. Lucy recently qualified and particularly…
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    Rosie Wynn

    Rosie joined us in December 2012 after graduating. She is now Head Nurse with Antoinette…
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    Yasmin Twyman

    Yasmin has been on student placements with us and will soon be fully qualified. She enjoys…

    Support Team

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    Barbara Mansfield

    Barbara joined the reception team in 2000. She has completed a course in Pet bereavement…
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    Carol Harrison

    Carol is our most experience receptionist having joined the Barton in 1990. She is now our…
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    Felicity Parry

    Felicity started at the practice in 2005 as our Saturday helper. She now works as a…
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    Marie McCarthy

    Marie is our practice manager and joined us in 2008. She has a diploma in practice…
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    Pam Beeching

    Pam has worked at the practice since 2003, first as a kennel assistant, then a student…
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    Tina Kilian

    Tina joined the reception team in 2005. She is a Pet Insurance advisor and is in charge of…